How To Use Energy Work To Live The Life Of Your Dreams!!!

Your distressed whines about MONEY FLOWING OUT LIKE A RIVER
Your distraught cries about ZERO ROMANCE
Your hopeless sighs about LIFE BEING HARD

Seek A Better Life is the hub for understanding these shenanigans.

On why some has all the luck and life seems like an easy float while yours tanks further down with every effort you make.

Seek A Better Life offers you various secrets and hacks to get your life going to a better place. I am Poornima Sharma and I am a Reiki Master, Feng Shui Consultant and Law of Attraction Practitioner.

You can sit right there and take a Feng Shui  Distant Assessment or Reiki Distant Atunement or A Law of Attraction course and change your life completely.

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What We Offer ?


In Reiki, we send healing positive energy towards you to help you solve whatever problem you are facing. It could …

feng shui floor plan


Are you planning to move into a new house or buy a new house ? It’s a big change and …


Emotion Freedom Technique(EFT) is a ground breaking method to reset your subconscious patterns. It is a combination of acupressure and …


I Offer a curated collection of crystals on this website. Please allow 3 days for shipping.

What My Clients Are Saying !

Poornima has been great in fixing issue with my house through Feng Shui. She guided me to place crystals at specific points and the difference in the energy level was palpable. We are now planing to apply the same principles in my area of business and I am excited to see the results.

Pallavi Mishra – Jaipur

I used to feel dizzy when I went to my kitchen. I didn’t know the reason. We had just moved into this house recently and we were settling down. Poornima came to visit us and instantly spotted the reason why this was happening. The kitchen window was receiving poison arrows ( negative chi) with from a row of buildings which cut the kitchen window into half. When she suggested we put the Bagua mirror in the kitchen balcony, I was not sure it would work but it did. I felt comfortable in the kitchen and have never experienced that dizzy feeling again. We applied Feng Shui to our whole house after that. We are very happy today and feel our house supports us.

Pragya Sharma – Noida, UP

You are awesome! I felt amazing after my energy clearing session. I will even learn Reiki now because I love how I felt after that!! My skin was glowing for 3 days after the Reiki session…

Simmi Anurag – Navi Mumbai