Would You Want Someone Work Tirelessly To Clear Energy In Your Space ?

It is an ancient tradition in North India, to remove the effect of evil eye ( negative energy) from children using salt. The practice goes likes this. You take a palmful of salt and go clockwise(circle from head to toe) over your child while he or she is sleeping and then u wash away the salt from your hand. The effect of this is quite immediate.

The salt lamp relies on similar concepts, only that when the salt lamp is on it works continuously in removing negative energy from your home. Wouldn’t you want that ? Someone tirelessly working on your behalf to clear up your space.

Negative energy can come inside our homes in many forms. A bitter fight leaves pockets of negative energy in the room. Sickness can also leave stale energy. A salt lamp help clear up these pockets of negative energy.

Where do I buy a salt lamp?

You can buy them on amazon. Here is a link to few examples.

You don’t have to buy this shape itself. Buy what pleases you and appeals to your intuition.The come in cylindrical, jagged and spherical shapes. I prefer the round shape personally.

How to take care of a salt lamp ?

You need to keep this lamp switched on almost all through the day. Th bulb inside is a small wattage bulb and it heats up. Continuous use without a break will result in a fused bulb. In cities where humidity is high, when the lamp is not switched on, it will catch moisture. Make sure you clean this before switching it on again.
I replaced my internal bulb with an LED bulb as I find it last longer. You can find links for it below
Mirchi Bulbs. from Amazon.

Also note a salt lamp should be kept only in the living room and not in the bedroom.

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