feng shui floor plan

Are you planning to move into a new house or buy a new house ? It’s a big change and if you believe in Feng Shui, you understand how this can impact your life. I learnt it the hard way. Years before when I moved into a new apartment, within a month my employer stopped paying my salary. Yes they were too in the financial soup but this happened as soon as I moved into that house. I waited for the next month..and the next…I waited 5 months thinking its going to get better… My bank balance went to ZERO.

But this helped me in life. How ?

I got interested in Feng Shui and applied it in my house. Things started moving and rolling. I got job offers and met someone ( who eventually became my husband) I started my own company. I rose like the Phoneix.

Then I started helping me friends and family. Couples who were fighting day in and out, resolved their problems easily. Finding a New Job, getting checks in the mail or finding the dream job. All of it started happening around me. I started applying it everywhere.

I combined it with Law of Attraction principles and saw incredible results.

I kept fine tuning it… I kept questioning… I kept experimenting ..I kept optimizing.

And now I have a method to the madness…

For anyone who wants me to look over their floor plan for a quick analysis you can send me your floorplan ( to scale) to poornima (At)seekabetterlife dot com

What you get in this consultation ?

  1.  Complete Floor wise analysis of your apartment/condo/villa/bungalow.
  2.  Cures and Enhancer recommendations for each person in the family
  3.  Video describing the good and bad of the property.
  4.  Single Skype/IMO webchat session to clear all doubts/questions from the report.

What I need from you ?

  1. A floor plan which is drawn to scale.
  2. Photos of every room
  3. Photos of your entryway
  4. Photos of the door used most often
  5. Birth dates of all occupants.


All of this for the cost of Rs 3200 only ($50 USD)

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