Feng Shui Distant Online Assessment


We give you  complete Floor wise, Feng Shui analysis of your apartment/condo/villa/bungalow.

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Feng Shui Distant Online Assesment is where I look at your floor plan and give you a complete report on how you can go about using Feng Shui to bring changes into your life.

What you get in this consultation ?

  1.  Complete Floor wise analysis of your apartment/condo/villa/bungalow.
  2.  Cures and Enhancer recommendations for each person in the family
  3.  Video describing the good and bad of the property.
  4.  Single Skype/IMO webchat session to clear all doubts/questions from the report.

What I need from you ?

  1. A floor plan which is drawn to scale.
  2. Photos of every room
  3. Photos of your entryway
  4. Photos of the door used most often
  5. Birth dates of all occupants.



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