Reiki Attunements Level 1 & 2


Level 1 &Level 2  – 2 day intensive, 10am-5pm

The Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience. The attunement energies are channeled into the student through the Reiki Master. The process is guided by the  God-consciousness and makes adjustments in the process depending on the needs of each student.

This class is a beautiful deepening of reiki, and introduces distant healing, and sacred reiki symbols. We learn to send reiki forward and backward in time, and over long distances.. We’ll play with crayons, work on the table with our new symbols, and practice sending distant reiki six different . Includes 3 reiki shirushi (symbols), reiki attunement, reiki crystals, 6 distant techniques, practice time distantly and on the table, reiki teaching materials, and your reiki certificate.


Welcome To Class

Before class, I’ll email confirmation of date, time, and location to enrolled students. We gather 15 minutes before class starts, and allow time to be gentle and loving with ourselves after – expect that you might want rest time after our class meetings.

What Do We Learn?

We’ll explore our Reiki experiences so far, practice our three new Reiki symbols, and float blissfully through group attunements.A lot of meditation practice is also included to clean out energies.

We’ll practice on the table with the symbols as well, learning to work with them as our teachers and guides.

By the end of class, you are a Reiki II practitioner in the Usui lineage, and receive a Reiki certificate, Reiki scroll and support from your Reiki family, and take home your Reiki crystal.

By the end of class, you have received your Reiki teaching materials and 3 reiki  (symbols) an  level (Reiki II) attunement, given and received full Reiki treatments , sent distant Reiki through space and time, frolicked with crayons and crystals, been presented with your Reiki certificate, and are a Reiki II practitioner for life.

Each class organizes a Reiki circle after graduation to practice in an ongoing way (we have one Reiki graduate group that’s been meeting for almost 10 years), and students are encouraged to come practice Reiki and deepen in community.

What Do We Bring?

  1. printed reiki II scroll (emailed to enrolled students)
  2. your class payment in an envelope, cash.
  3. comfortable clothes that make you feel good, for a day of play, and a pillow
  4. Water  and Lunch will be  provided.
  5. a journal to record your impressions from the attunement
  6. a photo of someone to practice sending distant Reiki to (with their permission only)


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