Reiki Attunements Level 3a & 3b


Level 3 – 2 day Intensive, 10am-5pm

*Pre-requisite: Reiki II Class

At this level, Reiki masters YOU! It’s magical, intense, and sublime. In class, we practice 25 core Reiki techniques together, learn the final Reiki master (symbol), discuss how to run a healing practice, explore and bring healing to places of resistance to our healing paths, and practice giving and receiving attunements. I share my teaching materials, marketing materials, class syllabi, intake forms, and class resource list as a template to create your own teaching materials from.


Welcome To Class

A deep yearning and knowing calls us to master level…where we walk the mystery and BECOME Reiki in our lives. Welcome! We’ll enjoy days of laughter, sharing stories, energy work, and a healing space full of love and light – please leave time for yourself to relax and metabolize the new information after both class days. Always, Reiki engineers the perfect experience for us, so that we feel held up and supported. I look forward to connecting with you soon…happy healing!

By the end of class, you are a Reiki teacher in the Usui lineage, and are able to give Reiki attunements using the master symbol. You will receive a teaching scroll, the final master(symbol), practice  core Reiki techniques, a teaching packet which includes sample syllabi and several forms to run a reiki healing practice, Reiki attunement, your Reiki certificate, and support from your Reiki community.

Each class organizes a Reiki circle after graduation to practice in an ongoing way (we have one reiki graduate group that’s been meeting for almost 10 years), and students are encouraged to come practice reiki and deepen in community at our Reiki Clinic.  Congratulations on embarking on the Reiki journey, friends!

What Do We Bring?
  1. Your class payment in an envelope with your name on it, via cash or check
  2. Comfy clothes that make you feel good, for a day of play
  3. Water and Lunch will be provided.
  4. A journal to record your impressions from the attunement
  5. A sacred object, if you feel called to have one with you for your attunement


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