Confused on which school of Feng Shui to follow ?

One of the most baffling concepts in Feng Shui to me was that there were three schools / methods to interpret a space. Each method could very well contradict the other and yet all three of them seemed to work. Let me explain. Below is the Bagua Map.


In classical compass Feng Shui,  this mouth of chi is the compass north and Bagua is placed according to the north direction. In Western BTB, the main door or entrance is seen as the mouth of chi ( energy ) and the Bagua  is placed in relation to the mouth of chi.

If your entry door faces south, your Bagua is diametrically opposite according to both schools. So  where one should be placing a water element, you can get away placing a fire element. How can both work ?

To make matters more complicated we have the Flying Star School which has energies change as per the year and it also indicates the fate of the house according to the year it was built.

So look at the room below and see how the Bagua will be placed over it according to Western BTB and Classical Compass school. They are diametrically opposite.

When you consider the Flying stars Feng Shui the elements change again. So what do you follow ? How can both methods work.

What I have discovered is that ‘ INTENTION IS EVERYTHING’. Though there are many Feng Shui Masters who will not agree with me, I believe this to be true.

Intention is what makes the energies coagulate and respond to you. This is the reason you need to stick to a particular school at a time and implement them according to the rules of that school.

I personally follow the Classical Compass school to implement Feng Shui in my home and each year I make subtle changes to compensate for the Flying Star energies.

The compass school and flying stars can be implemented together and if you follow my articles I will show you how.


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