Peonies and Romance

Peonies are beautiful flowers, pink and fluffy. Yet you will wonder why Feng Shui says these are the flowers for increasing romance in the house. Really !! Do I place a bunch of flowers in the southwest corner and Boom! I find my soul mate. Sadly, Feng Shui does not guarantee any such results nor is it magic Wicca.

Feng Shui just talks about bringing a certain kind of energy to a region in your house where it will be the most effective.

We all know for generations flowers have been associated with love and romance. Though the red rose has been the popular flower to express deep passions and attachments, Feng Shui does not see RED as the color for romance. Red is for deep passions and it can easily stand for anger as it can stand for lust.

Romance and affection need a softer hue and it is Pink , the softer rose that wins hearts. So why not a pink rose ? that should do the trick.

Why Peonies ?

Peonies are often referred to in romantic Chinese poetry and literature. In Feng Shui, the Peony is used to attract romance luck. So using this flower is a very Chinese thing and not necessarily magical.

You can use any pink flower of you choice or specific to your country but I would avoid the rose as they have thorns. Even if you remove them they are the part of the flower and you don’t want that energy in you romance corner.

I personally love peonies. You can add the energy to your romance space ( southwest corner of living room or bedroom) with lovely silk flowers or with a painting.


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