5 Things You Can Do Today To Make The Secret Work For You!

The Secret

For all the folks who have been hiding under a rock and not heard of ‘The Secret’ let me help you by giving a brief.

‘The Secret’ is a all time best selling book written by Rhonda Byrne. It talks about the ‘Law of Attraction’ as the primary law that governs our universe. Law of Attraction experts have been there even before the book came out but I do feel nothing made it as popular as this little book did.

Law of Attraction basically states that your life is governed by what you think and feel. Good feelings attract positive outcomes  in life and Bad feelings (those gut wrenching emotions) attract more of the same.

This article cannot cover Law of Attraction(LOA) in detail. I shall put a detailed article soon.

What we are going to cover is 5 things you can do right now to make this work in your life!

1: Write  down what you want on a post-it note.

Writing your deep desires and goals on a post it note is helpful because it allows for little space and helps you get specific on your goal.

2: Thank the universe on the post it note.

This part is vital to the manifestation process because gratitude is what puts you on the right frequency. Unless you FEEL the gratitude you don’t get into a high frequency state. So when you write your goal thank the universe/source energy/God/saint whoever you think is out there bigger than you and feel you have received it.

3: Paste it on the mirror

Now you might ask why post it on a mirror ? A mirror multiplies energy and when you post it on the mirror you are somehow speeding up your manifestation. Don’t believe me ? Only one way to find out try it out. Now you maybe a master manifestor or a disbeliever. What you believe will work and it will work faster.

4: Read it everyday and smile

Another advantage of posting it on your mirror is that you are going to come across it everyday. Its not in a notebook that you forget to take or lying in a corner of your bookshelf. The notes are right there, when you brush your teeth or comb your hair. Its unavoidable. Read your goal, thank the universe and smile. Smiling changes your mood and when you combine it with reading your goal, you have no option but entering the Zone

5:  Repeat!

Do not give up. Waiting for your manifestation is the toughest part. Most of the time you want something very bad and that is exactly what blocks you. When you let go is when it manifests very fast.

For people who are high resistance to the goal they want to manifest there should try this with goals for their family members. You will be surprised how fast it works because you usually have zero resistance to something for someone you love.


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