Why Feng Shui ?

People often ask me this question. Why Feng Shui ? How can you be a student of science and believe in such hocus-pocus.

You have to understand that we live in a world of energy. Everything around us is made of atoms and there is some sort of energy which is driving it. We have so much to discover on that level. So we are a bundle of moving energy in short. Everything around us is also constantly interacting with us. This energy also has a flow, a direction. If we are downstream, we move faster. If we are upstream we move slower.

Feng Shui is the study of this environment, the seen and unseen energies. It is the recognition of the direction of the flow oof energy. What will help us go downstream and what is upstream. I absolutely do believe a house carries its own energy vibrations and that Feng Shui pinpoints the ebb and flow of those vibrations.

So you can either be aware of those energies that are in play or be ignorant. But they are there and they work on you, in the same way as planetary magnetic energies work on your life. So what if you are given the map ? What if you become aware of these energies, would it help ?

Remember the movie entrapment. Catherine Zeta Jones traverses an array of hidden( infrared) lazer beams to reach the other end (her goal). Would she be able to do it without the blueprint of those laser beams ?

Who has the Energy map ?Is it based on science or tradition ?

As always, there is more than one school of thought. There are 3 primary schools  in Feng Shui and they don’t agree with each other. They are namely

BTB Western Feng Shui

Compass School of Feng Shui

Flying Star School of Feng Shui

Most of the consultants vehemently support their school  against the other. My suggestion would be to try and see which shoe fits.I believe intention is very important and when you apply principles from a school, it should make you feel better in your house at the end of the day.

Some key points.

  • As a human, you are very powerful consciousness and you can use your personal power to get ahead in life.
  • Feng Shui is something you apply in your life with clear intention so that you can automate your help(in terms of energy) or bring the energies downstream to help you achieve your goal.
  • Feng Shui is also quite practical in its rules and can make a home feel peaceful and energetic at the same time.
  • Since this originated from China, it carries with it many symbols from that region. You can find the equivalent in your culture and use them the same way.

I have felt the changes of applying the principles of Compass School and Flying Star Feng Shui. If you need help, contact me at poornima[AT]seekabetterlife.com

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