Why You Should Never Buy A House Which Is On Distress Sale ?

For anyone who has followed the popular series of NCIS on television, knows that ‘Tony’ buys a house where a murder takes place because he gets it cheap. Years later McGee moves in with his wife and on an unfortunate day discover that there is a dead body buried for 13 years under their bed. This is truly horrifying and very much a dramatized version. Even though this has been a scripted event, such things do happen. There are houses which go on distress sale and some people think they get a deal by buying such houses.

Maybe there was a suicide or a murder. Maybe the mortgage was not paid and the bank forecloses the property. If a house/home/villa/condo/apartment is cheaper than its neighbor there is a reason. If the previous owners suffered misfortune, you can bet that it is in the home.  If you purchase a home cheaply due to bankruptcy, divorce, or death, substance abuse, (name it) you will be buying the same fate unless you spend some of your time, energy and Feng Shui wisdom to change it.

Determine how much of your own life force it is worth to you to turn the tide; it can be worth it but you must take the steps or you will be repeating the pattern.  At the very, very least, have the property blessed and cleared before you move in and frequently thereafter.

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