Mysteries Explained In The Thiaoouba Prophecy

These are theories and mysterious of our planet explained in a book called ‘The Thiooubba Prophecy’ by Michel Desmarquet. I have never come across another single book that explained it all so neatly. I do believe these are true accounts of the author. Below are excerpts which are interesting and talk about the mysteries or unexplained facts on Earth.

Concept of a Parallel Universe

Page 6

We are, you and I, at this moment, in a universe which is parallel to that of
Earth. In order to admit you, as well as ourselves, we have made use of an
‘airlock’. At this instant, time has stopped for you.


Parallel Universes and N Dimensions are spouted quite commonly in the Spiritual World. We have the movie ‘Dr Strange’ from Marvel to give us a cinematic experience of what a parallel world or worlds look like. What is interesting to me is why do they use this method to contact Michel. Do they dont want to be seen by earthlings. Is it so easy to enter and exit a parallel world if you know where the portal is. Do they need a portal to do this or they can do this at will.
Another author who talks about vortexes and parallel worlds as well other dimensions is

About The Bermuda Triangle

Page 7

It’s very simple. You have heard of the Bermuda Triangle?’ I nodded. ‘Well,
quite simply, in this spot and in others less well known, this parallel universe
becomes confused with your universe so that there exists between them a natural
‘People, animals or even objects finding themselves in the immediate vicinity of
a warp are literally sucked into it. Thus, you can have, for example, an entire fleet
of boats disappear in several seconds. Sometimes a person, or persons, can pass
back into your universe after several hours, several days or several years. More
often, however, they never return.



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