Technological Advances Mentioned in The Thiaoouba Prophecy

These are theories and mysterious of our planet explained in a book called ‘The Thiaoouba Prophecy’ by Michel Desmarquet. I have never come across another single book that explained it all so neatly. I do believe these are true accounts of the author. Below are excerpts which are interesting and here I list what I consider as their advance technology.

Page 14

‘During the very short time the cabin was yellow and then blue, eighty per cent
of the dangerous bacteria in you was destroyed. Then perhaps you felt a coolness
in the air, similar to when an air conditioner is working; this was another form of
disinfection by…let’s call it radiation, although that is not the correct word – it
cannot be translated into any Earth language. In this way, I have been disinfected
one hundred per cent, but you still have enough bacteria to harm us considerably.
I am going to give you these two pills, and in three hours you will be able to
consider yourself as ‘pure’ as one of us.’ As she spoke, she took a little box from
beside her bunk, removed the pills and held them out to me, along with a test
tube containing a liquid that I supposed to be water. I swallowed them both,
lifting the base of my helmet to do so. Next … well, everything happened very
quickly and it was all very strange.
Thao took me in her arms, put me on the bunk and removed my mask. I
saw that happen from two or three metres from my body!

Force Field Seat belt

When the vessel arrives in a dangerous area, the three security computers cause
the closing of the force fields, to use their proper name. When the danger has
passed they automatically release them.
‘At the same time, if we do want to be released in a zone deemed dangerous, or
even if we simply want to change position, we have only to pass a hand or just a
finger in front of the cell and the force field is immediately neutralised. When we
return to our seats, we will be automatically restrained again.


Page 21

Just as I was about to venture from
my seat, I received an order, without hearing a sound: ‘Stay where you are, Michel.’ I
was stupefied. It was as if the voice was inside my head. I turned my head in
Thao’s direction and she was smiling at me. I decided to try something, and
thought as hard as I could, ‘Telepathy is great, isn’t it Thao?’
‘Of course,’ she replied in the same manner.


And yet she had intercepted my thoughts. I was a little put out by this.
She gave me a wide smile. ‘Don’t worry, Michel. I was merely being playful and
I ask that you forgive me.
‘Normally, I only read your thoughts when you ask me a question. I just wanted
to demonstrate what is possible in this domain; I won’t do it again.’

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