What Is the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that permeates every aspect of our life. The law is simple and states that “like attracts like” and that all thoughts, whether positive or negative, will attract positivity or negativity into your life. This secret law is based on the idea that both you and your thoughts are “pure energy” and naturally attract the same energy you put out into the universe. Simply stated, you are what you think about and the universe will either help you succeed or fail.

This may sound hard to believe for people who are new to this secret law, but history shows that nearly all great leaders in business and politics harnessed this power to achieve great success. The popular movie “The Secret” really opened the doors to people who had never heard of the incredible power of manifesting. People who work hard and don’t apply this secret law will never achieve the success they desire.

I give you here, in short, my understanding of this phenomenon.

  • We live in a quantum universe, where our mind affects our reality.
  • What we think and believe, is what we will attract in our life.
  • Yes, this means we attract all that bad things too and the explanation on how this happens even before we are born is for another post.
  • Universe doesn’t care whether you want what you are thinking about or you don’t want it, it will deliver whatever you think about most.
  • This is called Law of Attraction and it says like attracts like.
  • So happy thoughts bring in events, which will result in more happy thoughts.
  • Negative thoughts bring in events, which will result in more negative thoughts.
  • So we all live in our own reality, trying to convince each other that my reality is true and yours is not.

But the best news is,

You can use this to your advantage

Learn( train your mind) to be in a happy emotional state, thinking thoughts that make you happy, even if your present reality doesn’t make you feel like that and you will change your life.

There are many tools which help you train your mind. Below are few of them

1: Affirmations

2: Visualizations

3: Emotional Freedom Technique

4: Meditation

5: Reiki

6: Feng Shui

7: Hypnosis

8: Subliminal Sounds

9: Brain Entertainment

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