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How To Remove Money Blocks: EFT Tapping for Money

When we are children, our minds are in a very vulnerable state of accepting everything told as the ultimate truth of life. Every nonchalant comment or scolding forms strong beliefs in our subconscious mind and without realizing it, we carry those beliefs around with us for life. If you heard the adults around you repeating phrases like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” or “You’ve got to work hard to make a living you have in all probability believed that all of your life.

Sometimes it’s easy to know what our beliefs are and sometimes not. When I work with people and I ask them what they think might be blocking abundance, they are often at a loss to know what the blocks could be. If you think you’ve got some unconscious blockages preventing you from attracting more money and success into your life EFT Tapping for Money Blocks may be the answer.

Use EFT basic recipe to get rid of them. Below I have given examples of what you can say in the negative rounds and positive rounds. Notice any memories coming up when you are doing this. Release those memories using Storytelling EFT

Here are examples of blocks.

I don’t deserve money. I am not worth it.

Even though I am not worthy, I deeply love and accept myself.

Even though I have done so many mistakes and anyone who is so dumb or lazy or [whatever you have been criticized for] is not worthy of making any money.


It’s never easy for me to make money. I have to work so hard for everything.

Even though I keep trying I see no money in my bank account, I happily accept this.

No one wants what I can offer. I am not good at what I do.

I am not good at managing money. I am a spendthrift.

Even though I am terrible at managing money, but its ok and I choose to love myself anyways
Even though I lose money so easily, I shop too much and I don’t look for best bargains. People take advantage of me as I am so gullible, it’s ok and I choose to love myself
Even though I am not perfect and managing money scares me, I don’t understand the numbers, I can’t keep accounts and I don’t remember details, I am ok and I choose to love who I am.
Even though no one is born knowing how to manage money and I possibly have never handled a lot, I deeply love and appreciate what I do and what I have done so far.
I am sure it is something I can get better at. Only if I need to manage money will I learn how. I’m going to be ok and I am a good manager of money.
I am getting smarter every day in every way learning how to manage my money better.
I love who I am becoming every day.

I am scared earning a lot of money will change me. { greedy, proud and egoistic }.

Even though, I fear earning X amount of money will change my behaviors towards others, I choose to be ok with it. I choose to be ok with any change in behavior as I am evolving each day.
Even though I might become greedy or proud or selfish, only thinking about myself and trying to hide my good fortune from others, I deeply love and accept myself.
Even though I have this fear and I have seen X person change when he hit it big, I deeply love and accept myself
Even though I have no guarantee that I will not change, there is no point not progressing in life.
Even though I feel scared of being rich, I deeply love and accept myself

I’m worried I will feel isolated in my friend circle if I make more money than my friends. People may not like me any more.

Even though I feel that my social circle will not like me if I make more money than them, I love and accept myself
Even though I fear isolation and not being one with the group, I love and accept myself
Even though I may lose all my friends, I deeply love and accept it.

I feel making a lot of money will impede my spiritual life.

Even though I feel, to be truly spiritual you have to give up the material world or any desire for material, I deeply love and accept myself.
Even though I feel to be spiritual is to not want expensive things, to live a basic life I love and accept myself
Even though I feel, God has made this world as an illusion so that we can stop desiring everything he has made.
Even though I feel, I cannot serve God and serve money at the same time, I deeply love and accept myself
Even though I feel serving money and being successful is the same thing, I deeply love myself
Wait, maybe serving money is being a slave to money. I do not want to be a slave to anything.
I would like it the other way around, I would like money to be my slave.
Money is a God-given resource that I am choosing to use to bless my life and others.

If I am rich, then goons will try to extract money from me. It’s not safe to be rich.

Even if I feel, it is not safe to be rich, I deeply love and accept myself. Even though I hear in the News people getting killed or murdered over money issues or children kidnapped for a ransom and I feel scared, I deeply love and accept myself.
Even if such events happen, I am ok. I am ok progressing in life for the alternative would be not moving out of the house for fear of accidents or catastrophes. I choose to progress and get better at what I do. I choose to create wealth for me irrespective of the imagined dangers. I am ok

There are so many people who need so much, I feel bad when I want money for luxury items when other people don’t have basic things.

I am grateful that there is enough money for everyone and it is everyone’s birthright to create wealth. I choose to create mine now.
I am a great example to my friends and associates, as I choose my birthright of wealth others are freer to choose this as well

How do you find your Money Blocks?

Say this to yourself I am a Money Magnet and I attract wealth easily.

My immediate reaction to that statement is ‘Poof’

Am I a money

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