The Five Principles for Manifesting Your Desires In Your Personal & Professional Life…

Energy is Life. Manifest your desires now using Reiki Feng Shui and Law of Attraction

What do you want in your life at the moment ?

Is it that high paying Job ? Or a date with your crush ? Or that promotion you have eyed for months ? Maybe it is just reaching a new height in spirituality

We are creatures of desire. When one goal is attained, another one forms in our mind. We naturally tend to feel the grass is greener on the other side. We put aside the countless compliments and remember that single criticism from a troll. Our mind is like a beast, refusing to be tamed easily, pushing us constantly towards something, which we know nothing off.

But the truth lies in the fact that we are living in a quantum world, where our mind determines our reality. All the souls who know this fact, work towards controlling their minds and directing it the way they want it go and not being on auto-pilot.

Do you want to join the bandwagon of the millions who have understood the ‘Laws’ of the Quantum world. These folks  seem to be perpetually lucky, moving from one win to the next with ease. They are the go-getters of the world, leading the path for the rest of us.  What is the difference between us and them ?

They understand some fundamental truths of life.

#1 Everything Is Energy

This statement is so overused now, that it almost sounds cliché. To understand this completely and to know it as the absolute, takes a while. What is Energy ? In very basic terms, it is movement. On an atomic level, it is the movement of electrons around a proton nucleus.
We as humans, are built of millions of these atoms. We are in constant motion. Even when you are sitting in your room, reading this on your tab or mobile or desktop, you are hurling at amazing speeds through space on a planet in a galaxy in a universe.
From every living thing to every non-living thing, this movement exists, the only difference being, the vibration of a rock is constant and set to a frequency, while in living things the frequency constantly changes.

So we can say that every living or non living thing has a consciousness.The ability to change this frequency of vibration is really what determines the level of God consciousness and determines your ability to live life the way you want.

#2 Energy Is Constantly Interacting

The second fundamental truth or principle is that everything affects everything. You exist in a sea of energy. The air you breathe or the space you see is not really empty. The smallest particle impacts you, your body and your consciousness. Large masses like the planet, the sun, the stars affect you to a great extend and that is what makes astrology predict most of your life. But yet, it cannot be a hundred percent accurate, as it can predict only to a level of 33%. The next 33% which affects you is your environment, where you live, the people you interact with and the objects you interact with. And the rest of it is all about your level of consciousness or your ability to change the frequency or vibration in you.

The more you harness a higher vibration, the more momentum you achieve, in the direction you want to go.

As human beings, we are the ultimate in terms of consciousness in our planet, as we have to ability to move from a very low vibration to a very high vibration. From the examples we see around us, we know both the extremes exist. Be it the Devil or the Saint.

#3 Thoughts Create Feelings. Feelings Create Your Energy.

Even though we try to be rational beings, we are not. We want to be driven by cold hard facts and logic but we have an organ called a heart and you really cannot command it not to feel. Each thought we have, creates a feeling energy flow within and around our physical beings. This energy attracts its likeness. So if you’re thinking, “I am such a loser,” then your energy kinda, well, sucks — and you attract sucky experiences.
But luckily we have a time factor involved which helps us change our vibration to the one we choose and not react all the time to what we experience.

#4 Energy Flows From Higher To Lower.

When you feel a high, when your body is healthy and and you are creative, life feels blissful. But all it takes is a single phone call or meeting with the wrong person, for your buzz to evaporate. So it is is important to protect and keep your space. Who you interact with, where you stay,  the time and year you live in, these factors come into play in your life. These factors can easily give or take away from you. So you need to get aware of what is off a lower vibration and what is of a higher vibration. This is obviously easier said than done.

#5 Most of us work on Auto-Pilot called the sub-conscious mind.

This is a very important observation because 80% of our thoughts are not conscious decisions rather they are reactions to what we see in life. So who is the prime driver of thoughts, who is it that controls 80% of your behavior ?

Its your subconscious mind.

Here in lies the key to your life and your reality. Between the age of 1 to 7 our brain has such slow brainwaves that we are almost in a constant state of hypnosis. Our childhood shapes how we see ourselves and our belief systems.

  • I don’t deserve love
  • Love doesn’t come easy. I have to compromise
  • No one will be there for me, I have to do everything myself
  • Life is hard. I have to work very hard before I get my reward.
  • I can never be wealthy or Money is the root of all evil
  • The list goes on….

These programs that run on the background of our mind, constantly bringing situations in our life which reinforce the same belief.

There are many times my clients tell me, didn’t I tell you I am unlucky . Now see, how unlucky I am. Slowly and surely I turn those beliefs inside out and fill in new positive ones. And when they experience the difference, they become  stringent followers of my methods.

The second set of clients are the impatient, who have firm beliefs but cannot wait for the manifestation. It has to happen now or its not true. Patience and diligence is another quality that comes with time, which help you become a true manifestor.

The third sets are the ones who find it the most difficult to detach from their desire. The need is so intense that it causes the goal to run away from you not manifest fast.

But all these issues can be sorted one by one and you can bring out your true potential.

Even now, if you feel you have tried everything and nothing works, even if you are frustrated and you feel powerless to change your situation, you can become a manifestation guru. The key is to take baby steps. Rome was not built in a day. A life time of patterns cannot be magically made to disappear. The fun lies in self discovery, that is why we are here in the first place.

We have a lot of methods to help you keep up a high vibration, clear blocks and unlock your potential.

  • We can use the power of Feng Shui which helps in dealing with Earth energies. We show you how to activate all the areas of your life. Since these energies are playing on your space 24/7 you should definitely pay attention and fix the Feng Shui of your house. You will be amazed that couples have come back from the bring of Divorce after a Feng Shui change.
  • We use EFT to clear emotional blocks and change patterns in the subconscious mind. Which is literally like picking your auto pilot brain and reprogramming it for progress and lead your life the way you want it to go.
  • We use Reiki to heal trauma in your life. There are many instances where emotional problems show up as diseases and we help release the trauma associated to help the person recover from the manifestation of it. We also use Reiki to release karmic bonds, vows, curses or hexes that you are bound with.
  • We use principles of Law of Attraction which is a universal law of life that ‘Like attracts Like’ to figure out what your soul truly desires, why it is here and what it wants to learn. There are so many manifestation techniques but it is not as easy as it sounds. Understanding and implementing LOA will change your life, make you examine it much more closely than you have ever before. It is a spiritual journey as it is in understanding your souls birth right of freedom.

Some of the other methods we use are

  1. Visualization/Mind Movies
  2. Sound therapy with tuning forks
  3. DNA Potentialization
  4. Subliminal Music
  5. Reiki & LOA methods
  6. Using water memory
  7. Using mirrors
  8. Focus Wheel
  9. Increasing Energy through food.

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