How To Bring In The Wood Element

Flowers Wood Element

The wood element is quite obvious with plants bringing in the energy of growth. But what we need to consider the typical wood element also comes with the soil which brings in the earth element.

The easiest way to add the wood element is to add plants to the specific location. Use easy house plants unless you are good at gardening. You don’t want rotten plants, dried up prunes or fungus. Also avoid using bonsai and cactus. Bonsai signifies stunted growth and cactus has thorns which are considered aggressive energy.

Artifical plants are easy to maintain and good way to add the wood element without using the earth element. Wood drains earth element. So when you have a negative earth element energy you can use artifical flowers as a cure.

The Bamboo has long been known as the Chinese symbol for strength, due to its fast growth and resilience. Lucky bamboo, which is actually a member of the dracaena family and not bamboo at all, is given as a gift of good fortune as it looks like bamboo, but is much easier to grow as a houseplant. A gift of lucky bamboo symbolizes the wish for a strong life filled with prosperity.

Potpourri is considered dead wood. It is a dust collector and can initially add to the beauty of a bathroom. But overall, it is not considered as a wood element. It signifies loss of life, with its dried leaves. Use a diffuser in the bathroom to bring in the beauty of essential oil aromas rather than using potpourri.

As with all elements, when we cannot add the actual element, we can symbolyically add the equivalent artwork. A lush forest, the tree of abundance loaded with fruits. Any painting which signifies growth of plants and an upward movement brings in the energy of the wood element. Also make sure you have the color green in the painting as the color signifies the plants being alive and in the growth stage. You do not want to see any sort of decay here.

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Wood Element is controlled by using metal. Now its not usually possible to relocate plants from one end of the house another on a yearly basis. So when an opposite annual energy comes at the location of your garden or balcony, you can use metal to decrease the effect of wood.

Wood Element is supported by water and earth element. So if need to add wood element in a location where you can not place soil, you can easily add a money plant in a glass bottle with water.

Do let me know the challenges you have faced adding wood element to your home.

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