What is Emotional Freedom Technique


Emotion Freedom Technique(EFT) is the easiest method I have come across, to change, to transform yourself. It helps you access deep hidden patterns in your subconscious mind, it deals with the emotional memory you are carrying concerning those patterns and it helps you, to reset them into something positive.

It does this by combining acupressure points and affirmations.

We all suppress emotion as this is what is taught by our society. To suppress what we feel. These feelings which are related to memories are stored deep in our subconscious mind as a survival mechanism to avoid pain. But these programs or emotional charges never go away but appear as physical traits or behaviors which we feel we have no control over.

People discover they are over weight because something their parent said to them when there were 8 yrs old or you have fear of water or other phobias due a childhood trauma experience.

Emotional  Freedom Technique brings up the emotion and the experince , allows you to experience it and then let it go, thus keeping the memory but taking away the emotional charge associated with the memory.

A typical session would be like ( EFT Basic Recipe )

1: Find your emotional charge on a subject between 1 to 10. 10 being extreme emotional charge with 0 being no emotional charge.

2: Tap on different points on the face and body, saying affirmations that bring out the emotion

3: Tap on the same points , releasing the emotion and replacing it with positive affirmations.

People are astounded with the results and with how easy it is.