feng shui floor plan


Are you planning to move into a new house or buy a new house ? It’s a big change and if you believe in Feng Shui, you understand how this can impact your life. I learnt it the hard way. Years before when I moved into a new apartment, within a month my employer stopped paying my salary. Yes they were too in the financial soup but this happened as soon as I moved into that house. I waited for the next month..and the next…I waited 5 months thinking its going to get better… My bank balance went to ZERO.

But this helped me in life. How ?

I got interested in Feng Shui and applied it in my house. Things started moving and rolling. I got job offers and met someone ( who eventually became my husband) I started my own company. I rose like the Phoneix.

Then I started helping me friends and family. Couples who were fighting day in and out, resolved their problems easily. Finding a New Job, getting checks in the mail or finding the dream job. All of it started happening around me. I started applying it everywhere.

I combined it with Law of Attraction principles and saw incredible results.

I kept fine tuning it… I kept questioning… I kept experimenting ..I kept optimizing.

And now I have a method to the madness…

See below