Feng Shui Power House


We offer you a step by step evaluation and implementation of Feng Shui in your home, guaranteed to bring changes in your life.

Do you feel like your money flows out of your life, before you can blink your eyes ?
Have you suffered from chronic health problems from the time you have moved into your house ?
Are your children not able to concentrate or study ?
Are you single and waiting for ever for the right person to come into your life?
Has your marriage been on the rocks  for ever ?

Energy is the essence of life and being in sync with natural energies improves the way we think, feel, eat and sleep. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that explains how energy, flows through our surroundings. Feng Shui can predict all these situations looking at your house, location, furniture and its members.


Our Distant Feng Shui Assessment, is the most comprehensive report that will guide you in a step-by-step matter how to Feng Shui your house and turn your life around.
– It will map out areas of your house which represent different areas of your life.
– It will give you 20 examples on how to decorate that particular area.
– In Personal video consultation, we will integrate your decor for those areas.
– Our advice will cover furniture, plants, decor, shapes, colors, textures, natural elements (water, fire, earth, metal, air, and wood)
– We will provide Cures & advice to remedy problem areas, such as:    T-intersections, spiral staircases, toilets in wrong areas, missing portions of the house.


Let us burst some Feng Shui MYTHS while we are at it.

#I am on rent so I really cannot do much. Feng Shui is only for house owners.

Feng Shui has nothing to do with being in rented apartment or not. We can work with the building, apartment, room, desk. We can work with you to convert your space to an oasis, using your present decor.

#Feng Shui means I will have to redo the decor of my house.

This is so far away from the truth. We like Feng Shui so much because it is so subtle and it gives so many options. Now if you have spent all that money creating money drains and loses, health issues and relationship problems. You will see that manifest in your house. We can find the problem areas and give the best possible suggestions.

# Feng Shui seems so complicated. I’m terrible at drawing nor do I know anything about an exact floor plan.

We will guide you, step by step, during our visit as well as video calls on  how to draw floor plan from a Feng Shui perspective. A lengthy page report accompanies every consultation detailing the issues we find and the changes suggested.

#My house is going to be filled with Chinese figurines

We will show you how we can implement this ancient science without making your decor look like a Chinese temple.

#I have read a million tips from a million practitioners, and  this is a DIY project

Feng Shui practice is VERY extensive. Following a tip here and there barely scratches the surface of what Feng Shui entails or how it’s influencing your life. Further, practicing Feng Shui with incomplete knowledge will produce little results and may even do more harm than good. So if you REALLY want to use Feng Shui to work for you, whether it’d be for health, wealth, career, or romance, I strongly suggest that you hire a consultant or at least talk to an expert.

We have countless examples and testimonials of amazing success, people have had with our consultation.

As soon as I made changes yesterday, I had a girl walk in for consultation. Also a lady hadn’t paid me in a while, made a payment of 3k. – Sunetra Dasgupta

She has helped, healed and seen me through the worst of my times. I knew calling her and talking to her would sort out half of my problems. – Pallavi Mishra



# Personalized report based on the floor plans and photos you send us.
# 2 video calls of 1 hr duration to understand and help with the issues you are facing
# 1 month support to help you carry out changes in your home
# Free Annual Feng Shui Cure Newsletter ( Sent out in January every year)Consultation Video Appointment can be taken only after payment is done.

Still have Doubts ?

What if it makes no difference in my life ? Would I get a refund ?

We have the time factor in Feng Shui that we cannot control. Sometimes you see changes in the same day or sometimes it takes a month or more. We cannot predict the future here, but most of our clients are happy and satisfied. Feng Shui is a known field and its implemented word wide. We cannot give you a refund as our reports are knowledge transfer and cannot be taken back.

Why do I need to buy from you ? There are so many Feng Shui Consultants.

Yes we have many masters of Feng Shui world wide. At Seek A Better Life, we have a holistic approach that integrates Feng Shui with Reiki and Law of Attraction concepts giving a complete package. We know how to integrate Feng Shui into your decor, to make it subtle, so your neighbor has no clue on what has changed other than your luck.

What if I need help after the consultation ?

We will support you for 1 month in all the decisions you need to take. Be it the way furniture has to be moved, to what you want to buy for your home. This support is through whatsapp.

Call us/Whatapp  at tel:+91-865-509-6179 or write to us seekabetterlife@gmail.com