Feng Shui Course Level 1


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Seek A Better Life Consultants are offering a special Feng Shui course ( Level1 ) for all who want to make a change in their lives. This course also includes a free evaluation of your home enabling you to use Feng Shui principles to change energy inside your house thereby changing your and your family’s life.
* Understand what universal energy is and learn how to harness it.
* Simple practical principles and the order of implementing them to help activate every area of your life.
* Understand relation between time and energy, how to adapt to changes every year.
* Fix faulty areas of your house with Feng Shui Cures.
* Be a member of a supportive group for 3 months where you will be able to ask your questions and receive answers.
* Even if you are on rent, Feng Shui can help you work with what you have.
* Small changes, Big Impact.
* Impact every member of your family, improving lives with luck on your side.


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